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Pickup and delivery available. Contract carriers can also be arranged to meet your specific shipping needs.

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All American Powder Coating

Phone: 501-565-3600

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Address:  6410 T.P. White Dr.

Cabot, Arkansas 72023

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Our Mission

At All American Powder Coating, we take pride in offering only the highest quality finishes to our customers. All our preparation and coating is done by hand -- not machine -- so that we are able to pay close attention to detail. Of course we couldn't possibly list everything that can be powder coated but the following lists cover the more popular items. If you are unable to find what you are looking for just give us a call for a free quote.

Discounts are available for multiple pieces.

Frame weld grinding and filling available. Contact us for more information.

All our prices include abrasive blasting, masking of all threads, preparation and powder coating using a "STOCK COLOR". Our "STOCK COLORS" are any standardized colors and we have custom color matching available.

10' X 10' X 30' Oven and Warehouse Facility

Warranty Information

  • Warrants against flaking and peeling only on new items or new chrome items for one year from date on sales slip.
  • Warrants against flaking and peeling only on used parts for six months from date on sales slip.
  • All American Powder Coating assumes no responsibility or has no control over nicks, cuts, scratches or any other abusive wear and tear during any consumers usage once parts have been powder coated.
  • Not responsible for burnt powder coating if temperature exceed the maximum powder coating temperature limits (1,000 deg. for high temp. powders and 300 deg. for all other powders) once parts have been installed or used.

Hello and welcome to All American Powder Coating. We are an experienced, quality custom powder coating business located in central Arkansas. Whether you visit us on the Web or in our shop, please feel free to browse and let us know if you require assistance or have any questions!